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Belarusian-German Joint Limited Liability Company
"Children's Recreation & Rehabilitation Center"


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International exchange

One of the features of the project “Nadezhda” is the holding of a variety of international projects in Belarus and abroad. These projects supported by our German partners with the participation from the Belarusian side.

Some of our most exciting projects are "German Week" and "Japanese Week" etc. Volunteers, school children and young people from the respective countries take part in these projects. They hold activities, events and concerts with children who staying for health improvement in Nadezhda. The purpose of these events is to introduce children and adolescents to the cultures, traditions and customs of these countries, as well as to create an unforgettable, interesting and exciting experience for Belarusian children in "Nadezhda".



                                                 Events with groups of children /                                                                            Dancing group from Japan

                                          In the frameworks of "Week of Germany"                                                     in the frames of "Japan Week" in Nadezhda

                                        in the rehabilitation centre "Nadezhda"


One of the forms of international exchange is the joint project of students from vocational schools in Germany and Belarus. Young people not only carry out repair and construction, electrical installation and other kinds of tasks in the centre, but also get acquainted with each other, with the culture and customs of their respective countries and they work and rest together. What is most important is that these projects mostly occur in two steps, i.e. the participants in these projects have the opportunity not only to feel themselves in the roles of guests, but also to offer their programme at home.

With the organizational support of the children's centre "Nadezhda" projects are also conducted for adults at the children’s centre, in Belarus and abroad. More information on these informational-educational themed projects:

  • Information visits of amateur gardeners in Belarus and Germany: Supported by the organizations "Mannerarbeit Westphalia", "the Social service of the Evangelical men"" and "Land Union of gardeners of Westphalia and Lippe". The purpose of this trip: getting skills and knowledge in the field of gardening in both Germany and Belarus respectively, acquaintance with the culture and lifestyle of the peoples of Belarus and Germany, the establishment of new professional and personal contacts and familiarity with project Nadezhda and others.
  • Since 2000, on a once yearly basis, the project “Week of Ecology Without Borders” has been held, alternating between Belarus and Germany, and addressing environmental topics relevant to both parties. During these years the project has dealt with themes such as "Water Conservation in Germany", "Chernobyl – 20 years later", "Sustainable Development of Church Organizations", "Renewable Energy Sources", et.