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Belarusian-German Joint Limited Liability Company
"Children's Recreation & Rehabilitation Center"


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Working camps for volunteers

Active volunteers from Germany, Austria, Japan, England, USA and other countries take part in our projects. The scope of their activities is very diverse: from the organization of group activities with children and adolescents, to work as educational assistants and teachers, even carrying out construction and repair works on the territory of our centre "Nadezhda".

Our German partners organize so-called "work camps" in "Nadezhda". Carpenters, joiners, masons, electricians, technicians, builders, gardeners perform repair work, electrical work, landscaping, gardening, furniture repair, table repairs, chair repairs, repairs on washing machines and dishwashers etc. in the centre.



Members of the working voluntering group from Müsterland and working group OO "Bobby" (Bottrop), Germany. September 2016.


Young people from other countries come to the center "Nadezhda" for an internship. Here they have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in the fields of education, psychology, eco-agriculture and undertake language practice. After passing practicals relevant documents are issued confirming the results of the internship.

If you want to spend your free time actively, interestingly and profitably for yourself and others,

to do good deeds for children from contaminated regions,

find new friends then participation in one of our events in "Nadezhda" will meet your expectations!