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Belarusian-German Joint Limited Liability Company
"Children's Recreation & Rehabilitation Center"


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Children affected by the Chernobyl disaster

Duration of stay is 24 days.

Offering a complex programme of medical, education and psychological activities.

The programme includes:

Accommodation: In the three-story buildings, 4-bed dorm rooms. On each floor there is; a games room for groups of children (with a set of informational-educational board games, a TV, sofa, fridge, kitchen and utensils). On each floor there are toilets and showers for each block of 4-5 rooms. Each building is equipped with an automatic washing machine, tumble dryer and internal telephone intercom.

Meals: Served six times a day. Meals include natural juices, fresh fruits, major types of agricultural products grown on a private agricultural plot using the principles of organic agriculture. In cooking we use modern sparing technology.

Health resort treatment: Complex treatment and rehabilitation services (procedures) on prescription from the following list: climatotherapy, equipment based physiotherapy, thermotherapy (application of paraffin and ozokerite), aromatherapy, speleotherapy (salt therapy), physiotherapy (therapeutic gymnastics, mechanical therapy, health path), hydrotherapy (therapeutic showers, baths), massage (manual, hydromassage, underwater shower-massage). In addition to the complex of procedures for sanatorium treatment, according to the indications are included: oxygen cocktails, dry carbonic baths, saunas; and for health improvement - phyto-tea.

Educational activities in the group are undertaken within the programme "Preservation and Strengthening of Health", environmental and aesthetic education;

Classes are held in groups in different areas (fine arts, decorative arts, ceramics, working with wood, playing synthesizer, etc.) for the development of creative abilities in children;

Sports (volleyball, football, basketball, pioneerball) to ensure ample motor activity; the possibility to ride bikes in the spring and summer, with skiing and skating in winter;

Cultural and sports events (Championships of various sports, sports days, games and competitions, concerts, theme days, calendar events, dance programs, etc.) to provide opportunities for the self-development of children's interests and abilities;

Psychological assistance and counselling

During school hours there are educational school activities, that take place in equipped classrooms and the library that contains more than 12 thousand copies.